Art lover / Student / Trying to find my place

Rain patters down on the window pane
Discontent is all over my face
I thought you’d be here right now
A bed with the other side is unoccupied
it’s ready for your body inprint
the loneliness is deafening

So many times I wish the thought of your name would flee my mind
I’m caught in a cobweb with this never ending weaving of your control
I’m too old for this and you’re not over it.
But I am.

how old are you



It’s saddens me a lot to know that part of my eating disorder is one of the top psychiatric disorders that leads to death. I never asked for this or wanted to be a certain way. Over the past 17 years of my life of people in the medical field, telling me I’m fine and heathy , just find out that…

Powerful words.

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